Christmas Card time…

Who is making yours?

I’m going to have Shutterfly make ours.  Last year my frugal self got some free ones, this year I’m on a mission to be as frugal as possible and still have an enjoyable Christmas.  I’m excited that they are doing a promotion and giving 50 free cards away to people who promote them via blogs. You too can get free cards by going here

So that’s what I’m doing, plus I actually like Shutterfly. I would not ever promote them for free stuff if I didn’t.  More reasons I like them…

–  If you’re a penny pincher like me, they often send out discount codes and codes for good books.

-Derek and I actually made wedding albums for our parents for our first Christmas gift to them.  They made for awesome, sentimental and personal gifts. Oh and good quality.

-Awesome customer service. I once ordered about 300 dollars worth of product for an event I was having at church.  They came late and weren’t exactly what I wanted.  I called customer service and they happily refunded my purchase.  How cool is that?

Ok, enough ranting about my free Christmas cards… if you blog about the promo too you can get some cards yourself!



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